Why Dif.rent

Dif.rent - Home rental made simple.


We are on mission at Dif.rent to disrupt (and replace) the out-dated business processes andmodels of the home rental industry by improving the entire end-to-end delivery experience for both tenants and landlords. 


"Generation Renters must be given a new way forward through a system that enables them to minimise the associated expense and hassle of having to find a new home to rent.

Making this transaction frictionless is our goal, by removing the often repetitive inconveniences of having to make endless calls to lettings agents, coping with the stress of imminent pressures of searching for the right property to rent within new environments, and removing associated disappointments including financial penalties.”


Dif.rent utilises the latest in mobile and web technologies, powered by a cloud based A.I and Machine Learning analytics solution with an algorithm based engine that delivers the platform’s key powerful data-driven functions.