image1 Home rental

Mantra: Home rental made simple.

MISSION and CORE VALUES: Disrupting the long-term home rental industry and improve the entire end-to-end delivery lifecycle experiences for both tenants and landlords while reducing or eliminating excess overhead.

TARGETMARKET: Millennial and Generation Z, any other classes of property renters.

The problems ahead

What are the problems WE are solving ?

The entire end-to-end delivery lifecycle experience for both tenants and property owners. The cost of property prices is enormous and the entire rental process is dysfunctional to both tenants and property owners. The dysfunction is great enough that it is influencing the supply/demand equation and property speculators no longer want to rent investment property out – forcing the pressure on prices to drive higher. We have a disconnected market that introduces friction at every step – we want to bring convenience, automation, and SIMPLICITY!


How are we solving this problem?

Through the use of Search and |Discovery: Global Payments: Messaging and Communications: 

Cloud technology: Automation: Connecting each and every piece of the puzzle into a system that manages the affairs of having a home. Application of technology to its maximum potential.

Therefor A.I. and M.L is key to our mission to make smart predictions and decisions. home rental software company property technology